Sasha on the road

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Sasha was born in Paris in 1989 into an artistic and literary family. Early on, music and singing have a huge impact on her. Listening to Ray Charles, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Etta James and so many others, she discovers her deep affinity with the emotion and authenticity of Soul music. She tended naturally toward soul music as her form of expression. After a long gestation period, a somewhat chaotic journey, studying music and working in Bus Palladium, the temple of rock in Paris, Sasha, in October 2013, experiences the catalyst she needed: across the Atlantic on the trail of her great-grandfather, Roland Hayes, the first black internationally recognized tenor, the young French girl discovers her African-American family. As we discover in her song and her autobiographical video "Mississippi Blues", she was deeply moved by the family reunion. Finding her roots, she finally finds the source of her soul inspiration. Sincerity and genuineness guide Sasha's musical approach. In her first EP, "Back to Roots" (released September 30, 2015) her intense, warm voice reveals her inner journey, triggers emotion and releases energy that belongs to her and Soul music.

Sasha singing live in London